See below for Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Pac Rim 2022 Call for Proposals process:

  1. How long is the abstract? 2,500 characters including spaces (this translates to roughly between 360 words and 630 words).
  2. What details need to be included in the proposal? Please see Step 2 in Submission Guidelines. (2022 Pac Rim CFP Submission Guidelines).
  3. How much time will I need to spend on a proposal? Please expect to take 20 minutes if all information is ready (copy & paste) and 45 minutes if manually entering.
  4. Is there a PDF or Doc of what the proposal is going to look like? No, Step 3: Review Your Submission provides the chance to check the information.
  5. What are the evaluation criteria? Submissions will be rated on a 5-point scale for each of the five criteria. The abstract should be well-written, including a complete description with background information and an overview of the presentation and description of format. Please visit for more information.
  6. What happens after I submit? A confirmation will be sent to your email account.
  7. Can I download my completed submission? No.
  8. Can I submit more than one proposal? Yes.
  9. Can I propose a work that is not complete? Unfinished proposals can be saved but not submitted.
  10. How long does it take for the submission process? Expect to take 20 minutes if all information is ready (copy & paste) and 45 minutes if manually entering the information.
  11. Is there a Rubric? There is an Evaluation Rubic at 
  12. What is the theme of the conference? Mobilize for Action!
  13. Who is the typical audience? Professionals, teachers, disability advocates, people with disabilities, students, and family members.
  14. Can the audience interact with the presenter? Yes, there will be Q&A sections to the live presentations and some of the poster sessions who choose to be live.
  15. What platform is used for the presentation? Cvent is the online conference program, and live presentations will be through the Zoom video conferencing platform.
  16. Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters: Presenters are encouraged to provide a safe and accessible presentation for all attendees. Contact Conference Coordinator Tom Conway at for additional assistance.
  17. Is there a fee for submitting the proposal? No.
  18. What if I want to withdraw my proposal? Log in to your account and click “Withdraw” under your Submissions.

    Example submission in CVENT - Click withdraw or edit.

  19. How do I submit a poster presentation? What are the specifications? PDF file with links, plus an optional interactive Q&A session during the conference. There will be two opportunities during Day 1 of the conference to showcase posters. PDF posters are to be in an accessible format and must be submitted by February 16, 2022. See examples of past Pac Rim posters: Project TEAMS Poster (PDF)Ka Pilina Poster (PDF)PBUCE Poster (PDF)NSF Poster (PPT)Pacific Alliance Poster (PPT). See template options: Poster Template (PPT)Scientific Poster PowerPoint Templates