Pac Rim 2024

Proposal FAQs

Are authors required to register to attend the conference?

No, authors who do not intend to present are not required to register. Only presenters who intend to present, in-person or virtually, will be required to register. Registered presenters will be included in the final conference program. 

Will I be able to update my incomplete submission before the review process?

Unfortunately, all incomplete proposals have been removed from consideration as indicated in your reminder emails.

I am a co-author or co-presenter, but I am unable to view our proposal. How do I view our proposal?

At the moment, only the submitter (the person who submitted the proposal) has access and editing access to your proposal. Please contact your submitter for additional questions.

How do I delete or withdraw my proposal?

Submitters, please email Genesis Leong at with a request to withdraw or delete your proposal.

Is it possible to change my email in my Oxford Abstracts account?

 Yes, each individual Oxford Abstract account holder is able to change their contact information and email. Learn more on Updating your profile.

When will I receive a decision on my proposal?

November 30, 2023, HST – During this time proposal submitters will receive, via email, the final decisions, reviewer and chair comments, additional requests, and official invitation letters for accepted proposals. 


For additional questions or accommodations during the proposal submission process, please contact Genesis Leong at