Pac Rim 2023

Presentation Types

This year we have four different presentation types to choose from when submitting your proposal.
Learn more about each type of presentation below!

Poster Presentation (2-hour Reception)


A poster presentation is a visual or graphic presentation of your research or practice that reflects your contribution within the field. Presentations are focused Interaction and in-depth conversation around general program information and specific research and an opportunity to gather feedback on developing ideas. Presenters are required to interact and engage with attendees by providing short elevator-pitches of your presentation and answering questions. Posters will illustrate findings and information by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on the poster boards. During the poster reception all accepted presentations will be set on tabletops with room on the table for displaying additional materials. During set-up, the Poster Coordinator will provide tri-fold poster boards (36″ x 48″) and other poster materials (thumbtacks, clear tape, binder clips, staplers) at no additional charge.

25-Minute Presentation


A 25-minute presentation or topical session is a structured oral speech that provides facts and insights to an audience on an important issue in a lecture-style. Presenters are required to present in a breakout room and will present back-to-back with another 25-minute presenter on a similar strand/topic. All accepted presentations will be provided a room, projector and screen, podium and microphone.

60-Minute Presentation

presentation 2

A 60-minute presentation or breakout session is a discussion on a specific topic that is part of the broader theme of the conference. Presenters are required to provide a lecture-style sharing of ideas that are developed and/or evaluated. And allows for opportunities for strategic audience discussion, and question and answers. All accepted presentations will be provided a room, projector and screen, podium and microphone.



A 2+ hour workshop is an in-depth sharing of material with hands-on opportunities and practice. Workshops are intended to enhance the skills and broaden the perspective of attendees. Presenters are required to design a framework for learning a new area or to provide advanced technical training. Workshop proposals will be required to provide an extended explanation or outline of content and will be selected on the basis of the instructors’ qualifications for teaching the proposed workshop and their contribution to the overall conference program. A limited number of workshops will be invited. All accepted workshops will be provided a room, projector and screen, podium and microphone.