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Superfest Disability Film Festival

Superfest Disability Film Festival

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Superfest Disability Film Festival is the longest running disability film festival in the world. Since it first debuted in a small Los Angeles showcase in 1970 it has become an eagerly anticipated international event—hosted by Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State. For more than 30 years, Superfest has celebrated cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability through a diverse, complex, unabashed and engaging lens. Superfest is one of the few festivals worldwide that prioritizes access for disabled filmgoers of all kinds. 

You can show your support by making a contribution to Superfest or becoming a sponsor of next year’s festival, learn more here.

Line Up Superfest Pac Rim 2021

Program addresses a mix of disabilities and global concerns:

Sign at All Times (8 minutes): A young skateboarder shares his journey to find pride in his Deaf identity.

Young man in dark beanie, looking pensively, standing beside a school bus. Text on image says “I always had a really hard time communicating with others.”

Young man in dark beanie, with his left leg raised, skateboarding down a street on a fall day. Fallen leaves line the street.. Text on image says “we don’t need to look at deafness as something that must be ‘cured.’

Young man wearing dark beanie cap sitting on city bus. Sign on the window behind him says 'Wheelchair seating area."

Young man wearing dark beanie cap looking at camera.

High Flying Jade (22 minutes): Follow the true story of a bi-polar American white woman who tries to manage her unique brain chemistry by running away to join the circus in Hồ Chí Minh City.

Low angle view of woman hanging upside down from silk strap.





Dancing woman in flowing costume in front of variously colored lights, some shaped like flowers.





Woman on motorcycle, wearing helmet and backpack.





Woman lying on a pillow in bed, under a sheet. Candles sit on the bedside stand beside her.





Woman standing in dressing room, wearing shiny dance costume looks off screen thoughtfully, while other woman in costumes speak to each other behind her.

Movie Poster for ‘High Flying Jade.” It features low angle shot of woman on a trapeze holding a hoop. It also lists many awards won by the film.

Movie Poster for ‘High Flying Jade.” It features medium shot of woman holding a hoop. It also lists many awards won by the film.

Wheelchair Wendy (6 minutes): An eager-to-please doll in a wheelchair is placed in the perfect world of the narcissistic Barbara, and must find a way to fit in or be thrown in the trash.

Girl’s right hand moves a doll in a wheelchair into playhouse. Other dolls standing in the house are looking away from her and embracing each other.

Indimenticabile (20 minutes): Luna, who has Cerebral Palsy, and Angel, a sexworker, share an unusual story of love, which challenges the cages and the judgment of others.

Movie poster for the film ‘indimenticabile.’ It features a drawing of a hand in which drawing of a face is visible.

Single (14 minutes): Kim, who was born with one arm, gets set up on a blind date. When she finally meets Jake, she quickly realizes he also has a physical disability, and she is pissed.

My Grito ( 5 minutes): A story about a young man, Cristian, and his love for mariachi music, which leads him to seek out his own grito for his communication device.

Picture of two men (an older man with gray hair and mustache, and a younger man with a beard), both laughing; older man is holding a guitar.

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Password: 693781
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Mar 02 2021


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