Topic Area

Indigenous Knowledge, Perspectives, and Approaches

Chair: Lisa Uyehara, JD, Center on Disability Studies at UH Mānoa

Co-Chair: Jerrik Feliciano, Center on Disability Studies at UH Mānoa


The Indigenous Knowledge, Perspectives, and Approaches focus area for the 2021 Pacific Rim Conference will address issues and contribute to increasing knowledge on the importance of diversity, inclusivity, community, place-based and culture-based education, and traditional indigenous knowledge. In light of the recent Kū Kiaʻi Mauna Kapu Aloha Movement, the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest, global warming, and other environmental issues – indigenous perspectives on caring for land and nature are extremely relevant to humanity. We invite topics on native knowledge of understanding the world, the care for land and water, issues that affect Indigenous students, issues that affect Indigenous communities, education practices, indigenous medicine, strategies to support indigenous communities, strategies to support Indigenous students, disability challenges within Indigenous communities, and legal issues that affect Indigenous peoples.

Guiding Questions

  • How can the voice of Indigenous peoples be raised?
  • How can we close the gap between Indigenous knowledge and western academics?
  • What are the differences and overlap between Indigenous medicine work and western medicine?
  • What do Indigenous peoples and communities have to teach others about the value and methods of preserving natural resources?
  • What legal strategies might work to assist Indigenous peoples increase their voice and shape statutory laws in the U.S. court system?