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Diversity and Intersectionality Through the Disability Lens (On Demand: Recorded)

Main Topic: Flourishing, Well-being, and Social-Emotional Learning
Session Type: Paper


Presenters will pull back the curtain on diversity and intersectionality through the disability lens. This is a new perspective that is rarely trained on. It is crucial for service providers, educators, medical and mental health professionals, and others to understand intersectionality and how it impacts the disability community. This presentation will facilitate a more in-depth look into this topic by building a foundation of knowledge, reviewing the historical perspective, and discussing individuals’ intersections from the disability community. Participants will receive the information in a myriad of forms, including lectures, facilitated group discussion, videos, and other activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of diversity and intersectionality.
  • Understand how intersectionality impacts the disability community and how individuals are marginalized.
  • Understand the concepts of diversity and intersectionality through the disability lens.

Keywords: Diversity, Intersectionality, and Disability

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Feb 23 2021 - May 01 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 23 2021 - May 01 2021
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  • Mrs. Leigha Shoup
    Mrs. Leigha Shoup
    Adult Advocacy Centers - Deputy Director

    Adult Advocacy Centers

    Leigha 김소연 Shoup, MS, RA Leigha is the Deputy Director of the Adult Advocacy Centers. Leigha holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Therapy from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences from Ohio University. She is a Registered Advocate in the State of Ohio. She has served as the secretary of the Northwest Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition, the regional response to human trafficking. Leigha has over 17 years of experience working with children and adolescents living with disabilities. She is a state, national, and international presenter on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility when working with multi-disciplinary teams to serve survivors of crime. In July 2018, she co-published Serving Survivors with Disabilities- An Advocate’s Guide. She was the recipient of the Children Safety Award in Allen County in 2017. Leigha works at the state and regional levels to review and create best practices that are inclusive and accessible to under-served populations. Her extensive knowledge of educational and victim advocacy for individuals living with disabilities propels her to continuously learn and lead in this movement.

  • Mrs. Katherine Yoder
    Mrs. Katherine Yoder
    Adult Advocacy Centers - Executive Director

    Adult Advocacy Centers

    Katherine Yoder, CFI, MS Katherine Yoder is a certified forensic interviewer and has been an advocate for people with disabilities for 20 years. She holds a Master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor’s degree in social psychology from Park University. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Adult Advocacy Centers, which she founded in March 2019.