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A Toolkit for Becoming an Exceptional Ally for the Deaf Community (On Demand: Recorded)

Main Topic: Deaf Community
Session Type: Talk Story


This workshop will focus on the four areas of cultural mediation, interpretation, education and oppression in the Deaf community. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze their privileges and discuss how their privileges can be used to empower Deaf people in healthy and positive ways. Group discussions will facilitate reevaluation of the hearing person’s role in the Deaf community. Brainstorming will be used as a strategic approach to help improve the hearing person’s understanding of what is needed as a partner when advocating with the Deaf community. Various scenarios and videos will be shown, giving the audience members, the opportunity to expand their understanding of how they can contribute to the developmental process, by becoming an ally. We strive to give all workshop attendees the inspiration and tools needed to become an exceptional ally for the Deaf community. Through introspection each workshop attendee should become aware of why they have a responsibility to serve as an ally to the community.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Explain how to utilize their privileges in a healthy and positive way;
    • Examine and discuss strategies used in the presentation for daily collaborations with Deaf individuals;
    • Recognize and use the tools presented and discussed during the presentation to become an exceptional ally;
    • Identify how Deaf and hearing cultures cross each other and advocate for individuals involved in various situations; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to empower the Deaf community as they proceed to becoming allies.

Keywords: Deaf Community, Deaf Culture, ASL, Interpreting, Allyship

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Feb 23 2021 - May 01 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 23 2021 - May 02 2021
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  • Ms. Sandy Scott
    Ms. Sandy Scott
    Utah Schools for the Deaf - ASL/English Specialist

    Utah Schools for the Deaf

    Sandy Rae Scott has taught at Utah Schools for the Deaf, Ogden Campus, as an ASL/English Specialist for five years. Prior to her relocation to Utah, Sandy taught at three different residential schools of the Deaf in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and at a public high school in Seattle, Washington. Sandy has served as an ASL instructor at the University of Virginia, Seattle Central Community College and Gallaudet University. In addition to her teaching job, Sandy has been passionately contributing her bilingual lessons to the ASL/English Enrichment page on Facebook which she implemented in 2014 and 2017. Her broad experience in a variety of diverse settings has given her professional and personal experience creating synergistic relationships that build and elevate the Deaf community.

  • Vicky Floyd
    Vicky Floyd
    Utah Schools for the Deaf - Reading Specialist

    Utah Schools for the Deaf

    Hailing from Utah, Vicky is a Reading Specialist who teaches Deaf and hard-of-hearing preschoolers – high school students. She also works for Sorenson Communications as an ASL interpreter. Vicky collaborates with other professionals in the Deaf community and volunteers her time advocating individuals in the Deaf community. Vicky mentors new teachers in the field of Deaf Education at Utah State University. She is a very well-respected member of the Deaf community.