Pac Rim 2024

COVID-19 Policy

Will COVID vaccinations be required to attend the Conference?

Pac Rim 2023 complies with all local and state regulations regarding COVID-19. Proof of COVID vaccination is not required for the conference, but for the safety of all attendees, Pac Rim strongly recommends that all attendees be up to date with their COVID vaccinations.

Will a COVID test be required for all attendees?

COVID tests will not be required for attendees at the conference. However, if you are experiencing any symptoms we ask that you isolate yourself and arrange to get tested for the safety of all attendees.

Will COVID testing be available on-site?

Pac Rim will have test kits available on site. Please visit the Information Desk for more information.

Will masks be required at the Conference?

No, face masks will not be required at the Pac Rim Conference. Pac Rim is a masking preferred event and we encourage you to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking. Note that Pac Rim is monitoring COVID-19 and has the right to change the mask policy ahead of the Conference based on city mandates and/or due to increasing infection rates.

Additional Information

Hand sanitizer will be available at the Registration Desk and throughout the Conference space.

Colored stickers will be available at Registration for you to indicate your level of comfort in regards to proximity around others:

Comfortable with physical contact (okay with hugs, handshakes, etc.).

Limited physical contact (okay with fist & elbow bumps).

No physical contact (six feet distance and masking preferred).


If you have questions regarding the COVID-19 policy, please email